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The Nation: A Biography

The Nation: A Biography

Author D.D. Guttenplan
Publication Date
Section Essays / New Titles - Paperback
Type New
Format Paperback
ISBN X12552

The Nation: A Biography tells the surprising story behind America's oldest weekly magazine, instigator of progress since 1865—the bickering abolitionists who founded it; the campaigns, causes and controversies that shaped it; the rebels, mavericks and visionaries who have written, edited and fought in its pages for 150 years and counting.

The story of The Nation is also the story of our country—and our movement. Entertaining as well as inspiring, Guttenplan's history of The Nation is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand where we came from—and how to continue the march toward a radical future.

"Here's to The Nation on its 150th birthday," historian Eric Foner writes in the introduction. "This book makes clear why we should hope that the country's oldest weekly magazine survives for at least another century and a half."

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