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Elsa’s Housebook: A Woman’s Photojournal

Elsa’s Housebook: A Woman’s Photojournal

Author Elsa Dorfman
Publisher Godine
Publication Date 10/2012
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Photography / Printed Here
Format Paperback
ISBN x7505

Elsa's Housebook is a photographic record of family and friends who visited the photographer Elsa Dorfman at 19 Flagg Street in Cambridge when she lived there during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Many famous writers and thinkers, most notably literary figures associated with the Beat generation, are featured in the book, including Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Gary Snyder, Gregory Corso, and Robert Creeley. The book also features portraits of people who would become famous in other fields, such as radical feminist Andrea Dworkin and civil rights lawyer and Foundation for Individual Rights in Education co-founder Harvey A. Silverglate.

Elsa's life as a photographer is also the subject of The B-Side, a new documentary film by Errol Morris which will be screened at the Brattle Theatre as part of the Independent Film Festival on April 29th 2017.

Originally published in 1974, Elsa's Housebook: A Woman's Photojournal has been rereleased as a new edition available for printing on the Harvard Book Store's book-making robot Paige M. Gutenborg.

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