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Feminism for The 99%

Feminism for The 99%

"A brilliant introduction for those feminists who understand that 'leaning in' is not enough; three organizers of the International Women's Strike bring a Marxist analysis of women's liberation into the 21st century:

'...there is nothing feminist about ruling-class women who do the dirty work of bombing other countries and sustaining regimes of apartheid; of backing neocolonial interventions in the name of humanitarianism, while remaining silent about the genocides perpetrated by their own governments: of expropriating defenseless populations through structural adjustment, imposed debt and forced austerity.... To the state bureaucrats and financial managers, both male and female, who purport to justify their schemes by claiming to liberate brown and black women, we say: Not in our name.'

Kaleigh O.

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ISBN 9781788734424

Named one of Vogue's "Most Anticipated Books of 2019" From three of the organisers of the International Women's Strike US: a manifesto for when "leaning in" is not enough. Unaffordable housing, poverty wages, healthcare, climate change, border policing; not the issues you ordinarily hear feminists talking about. But don't these issues impact the vast majority of women globally? Taking as its inspiration the new wave of feminist militancy that has erupted globally, this Manifesto makes a simple but powerful case: Feminism shouldn't start--or stop--with seeing women represented at the top of society. It must start with those at the bottom, and fight for the world they deserve. And that means targeting capitalism. Feminism must be anti-capitalist, eco-socialist and anti-racist. This is a manifesto for the 99%.

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