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Microchondria: Forty-Two Short Stories Collected by Harvard Book Store

Author Harvard Book Store
Publisher Harvard Book Store
Publication Date March 1, 2010
Section Anthologies / Espresso Book Machine Books / New Titles - Paperback / Printed Here
Type Print on Demand
Format Paperback
ISBN X3174

A collection of forty-two original short short stories (500 words or less) written between February 1 and February 17, 2010. Compiled and produced by the staff of Harvard Book Store, Microchondria is printed in-store on Paige M. Gutenborg, our print-on-demand book machine.

Microchondria includes microfiction by the following authors:

  • Hobie Anthony
  • Anar Badalov
  • Shira Li Bartov
  • Nancy Brewka-Clark
  • Edmond Caldwell
  • Mike Campbell
  • Caryn Carpenter
  • Paula Carter
  • Ryan W. Cohen
  • Catherine Flora Con
  • Jennifer Carol Cook
  • Jane Dykema
  • Katherine Farrior
  • Nicole Fernandez
  • Leslie Fincke
  • Alex Freeman
  • Alayne Freidel-Sobel
  • Marc Goldfinger
  • Eiriki Gumeny
  • Liana Hershey-Nexon
  • Liana Jahan Imam
  • Michelle Labbe
  • George Lausch
  • Mia Lazarewicz
  • Melina C. McTigue
  • Yvonne Ng
  • Lauren Inness Norton
  • James Scott
  • Amy Stewart
  • Hillary Stringer
  • Cody Walker
  • Claudia Ward-de Leon
  • Adam Waterreus
  • Ben White
  • Laura Whitney
  • Melanie Yarbrough

We made it right here at Harvard Book Store, and we think that is pretty awesome.

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