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This Won’t Take But a Minute, Honey

This Won’t Take But a Minute, Honey

Author Steve Almond
Publication Date
Section Espresso Book Machine Books / Printed Here
Type Print on Demand
Format Paperback
ISBN X2927

This Won't Take But a Minute, Honey is a quirky resource for budding writers, a sort of freaky Strunk and White. Read through in one direction to find tiny little short stories of a page each. Flip the book over and find mini essays on the psychology and practice of writing. Whichever way you look at it, you're sure to find a nugget of inspiration for your next project.

Steve Almond is a local author whose short story collections include The Evil B.B. Chow and My Life in Heavy Metal and most recently, the essay collection (Not That You Asked). His non-fiction work, Candyfreak: A Journey Through The Chocolate Underbelly of America earned him critical praise and a reputation as a quirky, non-traditional author.  He continues that tradition with the self-publication of his new book This Won't Take But a Minute, Honey right here on Harvard Book Store’s Espresso Book Machine.

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