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What We Did in Bed

What We Did in Bed

"Answer: much, much more than the two or three very obvious things that might first occur to you.This is a lighthearted yet scholarly romp through the history of the item, its uses, and the places (sometimes very public indeed) where it was located in former times. I picked this up idly and found it hard to put down; perhaps you will too."

Alan H.

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Author Brian Fagan, Nadia Durrani
Publisher Yale University Press
Publication Date 2019-09-24
Section World History / All Staff Suggestions / Non-Fiction Suggestions / Alan H.
Type New
Format Hardcover
ISBN 9780300223880

Pulling back the covers on the fascinating, yet often forgotten, history of the bed

Louis XIV ruled France from his bedchamber. Winston Churchill governed Britain from his during World War II. Travelers routinely used to bed down with complete strangers, and whole families shared beds in many preindustrial households. Beds were expensive items—and often for show. Tutankhamun was buried on a golden bed, wealthy Greeks were sent to the afterlife on dining beds, and deceased middle-class Victorians were propped up on a bed in the parlor.

In this sweeping social history that covers the past seventy thousand years, Brian Fagan and Nadia Durrani look at the endlessly varied role of the bed through time. This was a place for sex, death, childbirth, storytelling, and sociability as well as sleeping. But who did what with whom, why, and how could vary incredibly depending on the time and place. It is only in the modern era that the bed has transformed into a private, hidden zone, and its rich social history has largely been forgotten.

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