Virtual Event FAQ
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Virtual Event FAQ

Will I still be able to view the video after the event?

Nearly all of our virtual events are recorded and viewable after the event has taken place via our Crowdcast page at or on our website at If you haven’t yet registered for the event, you’ll need to register in order to access the video -- just click “register” on the Crowdcast event page.

I’ve signed up already and wasn’t able to donate, can I still contribute to the event?

Thank you for contributing! All of our virtual events have a “Donate” button at the bottom of the screen on the video page, which you can use to make a contribution at any time. Please note, unfortunately the button doesn’t show up in mobile. 

How do I buy the event book?

The event book can be purchased either through the event’s listing on or via the “Purchase” link at the bottom of the screen during the presentation in Crowdcast.

Can I get the event book signed?

Unfortunately, since all of our orders are currently being processed and fulfilled through our partners at we’re unable to offer signed books at this time. 

Updates during COVID-19

Review our guidelines for visitors and other updates on hours and services at Harvard Book Store this summer.

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Stay up late into the night with our limited edition t-shirt and tote bag, a Harvard Book Store fundraiser.

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