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Our Somerville Warehouse

Harvard Book Store Warehouse

Several times a year we open up the doors of our Somerville Warehouse for the public to explore stacks upon stacks of thoughtfully curated bargain books. The wildly popular Warehouse Sales (check out #HBSWarehouseSale on social media) generally take place at the end of June, the beginning of December, and on Presidents' Day each year. Check harvard.com/events to see if the next Warehouse Sale is posted, and join us for deep discounts on a huge variety of great books!

Our Warehouse is located at 14 Park St. in Somerville, between Somerville Ave. and Beacon St. The closest T stop is Porter Square, on the Red Line, and bus lines #83 and #87 have stops on Somerville Ave. near Park St.

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Willy Wonka or Jeff Mayersohn?

For 2014's Summer Warehouse Sale we awarded early entry via five golden tickets, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-style. Dozens of entrants penned haiku about book browsing and book discovery. Our five favorites won early entry into Saturday's sale, plus some Taza chocolate (of course).


A haiku by Margaret W.

Shelves of treasures gleam--
Aladdin can keep his lamp;
My rug's book-laden.

"Bookstore" by John D.

rooms of words on trees--
a printed, bound Amazon
for real-life leafing

A haiku by Ian F.

In grade school math class
Remainders frustrated me
Now I live for them

"At the Register" by Marcy E.

Osmotic uptake?
Sell Furniture? Displace cat?
Oh! Pile of new books!

A haiku by Amanda D.

Teasing spines, I vow,
"Just window shopping today."
But one book can't hurt.


We couldn't pick just five! The following honorable mentions won Chocolove chocolate bars.

A haiku by Jennifer S.

Channeling Melville
Hunting for the great white whale
Sail a sea of shelves

A haiku by Brad V.

Elusive first edition?
No. Yet another
Goddamned reprint!

A haiku by Kate F.

Hefting the hardbacks,
Pulled something in my shoulder.
Heed not, words await.

A haiku by Matt A.

Had I a dollar
For every hour spent browsing
Guess what I would buy?

A haiku by Jessica J.

Rich when I went in
One book cannot satisfy
Penniless I leave

A haiku by Jeff W.

Summer here again, 
finding the perfect novel
to watch the waves with

A haiku by Nancy M.

A crowded bookshelf,
But can I resist one more?
Spinal stenosis!

A haiku by Tracy M.

Neither Firefox
Or Internet Explorer.

A haiku by Vidya V.

So merry are books;
that when they fall in puddles
they curl in pleasure.

A haiku by Lisa G.

Fresh wet sidewalk (sniff)
It has a name: Petrichor.
Warm whiff of old books?

A haiku by Emily W.

Growing stack, full tote
"Ooh, I wanted to read that!"
One more perched on top

A haiku by Todd K.

No online bookstores
Offer what true bookstores do:

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