February 28, 2022

Marie Lily Cerat, Patrick Sylvain, Jalene Tamerat

Harvard Book Store's virtual event series welcomes educators MARIE LILY CERAT, PATRICK SYLVAIN, and JALENE TAMERAT for a discussion of their co-authored book, Education Across Borders: Immigration, Race, and Identity in the Classroom.


 For readers of White Folks Who Teach in the Hood . . . And The Rest of Y’all TooEducation Across Borders is a strong teacher development resource for white educators who serve BIPOC students and are looking for culturally relevant pedagogies that value the diverse experiences of their students. The practices and values in the U.S. educational system position linguistically, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse children and families at a disadvantage. BIPOC dropout rates and levels of stress and anxiety have linked with non-inclusive school environments. In this collection, three educators and will draw on their experiences as immigrants and educators to address racial inequity in the classroom and provide a thorough analysis of different strategies that create an inclusive classroom environment.

With a focus on Haitian and Dominican students in the U.S., the authors will reveal the challenges that immigrant and first-generation students face. They'll also offer insights about topics such as:

• How do language policies and social justice intersect?

• How can educators use culturally relevant teaching and community funds of knowledge to enrich school curriculum?

• How can educators center the needs of the student within the classroom?

• How can educators support Haitian Creole-speaking students?

About Author(s)

Marie Lily Cerat has worked in the K-16 New York public education system as a classroom teacher, a staff developer and a college teacher for over 20 years. Her work examines the effects of the exclusion of Haitian language and culture in the education of Haitian learners and has been published in Rethinking Schools, the Journal of Haitian Studies, and the International Journal of the Sociology of Language, among other publications.

Jalene Tamerat is the Director of New Teacher Development for Boston Public Schools, where she leads the district's strategy for training, supporting, and retaining strong novice teachers.

Patrick Sylvain is a Haitian-American writer, essayist and poet, and instructor of Haitian language and culture at Brown University's Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. He has been published in several anthologies, magazines and reviews, including African American ReviewAgniAmerican Poetry ReviewCallalooCrab Orchard ReviewHaitian Times and Ploughshares.