July 7, 2011

Jess Martin

Jess Martin discusses her awkardly hilarious memoir Open-Eyed Sneeze at our Publishing On Paige event, in honor of the many authors who have published their books on Paige, our book-making robot.


"Freud thought that to examine the soul you had to examine a person on the edge of insanity. I wonder if Freud ever had to move back in with his parents."

Just in time for graduation season comes Open-Eyed Sneeze, Jess Martin's awkwardly hilarious memoir. 

Returning to her childhood home after college, the author combats her overwhelming uncertainty concerning what comes next by watching The Price Is Right and sleeping for fourteen hours a day. While listening to the random suggestions of her parents, ("Would you ever consider getting involved with Riverdance?"), darting across grocery store aisles to avoid the inquiring minds of a small town, and attempting to keep depression at bay, Open-Eyed Sneeze explores the absurdities that serve as the parting gifts of an undergraduate education. 

A perfect gift for graduates attempting to make meaning of it all, this refreshing first work will keep you laughing through the most frustrating of post-collegiate questions - "Now what?"