October 11, 2021

Richard Warren Brewster

Harvard Book Store and The American Book Center welcome celebrated New York City mediator RICHARD WARREN BREWSTER for a discussion of his book Witchcraft Legacy: Stories from the Big Attic. He will be joined in conversation by digital publisher GRETCHEN GRANT, CEO of DailyFX. 


Witchcraft Legacy begins with a fearful discovery by the author and his brother when, as children, they were exploring the big attic in their childhood home. They found a steamer trunk filled with old family books and papers, and unearthed an ancient book once owned by the chief judge of the 1692 Salem witchcraft trials, William Stoughton. In crabbed, handwritten flyleaf notes, Stoughton describes someone being mercilessly haunted and perhaps tortured by “Evil Spirits.” To the boys, the evil spirits seemed to cast a family curse, long buried in the trunk.

Witchcraft Legacy collects family stories of love, death, and life’s surprising turns as the generations who possessed Stoughton’s book live out the curse of the evil spirits. Starting in the 1660s, the stories span nearly four centuries as the ancient tome, with its eerie flyleaf notes, passes from hand to hand, and is eventually found by the author and his brother.

About Author(s)

Richard Warren Brewster is a mediator in New York City, following 40 years of trial and litigation practice, divided between commercial litigation and public service in the criminal justice area. He received his B.A. in the Classics from Princeton and his law degree from Harvard Law School. In his public service career, Rich served as Chief of the Criminal Division in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, a Special Prosecutor in Kings County and Special Litigation Counsel in the New York State Attorney General’s Office. He is an Adjunct Professor of Law at both New York Law School and The Benjamin Cardozo School of Law and the author of Witchcraft Legacy: Stories from the Big Attic, Protean Press, 2021.

Gretchen Grant is a digital leader who transforms innovations into commercially successful endeavors. Skilled at monetizing relationships with business partners, advertisers, and customers, Gretchen diversifies the digital revenue sources for leading brands including television’s home improvement expert Bob Vila; HuffPost; Meredith Corporation; Nickelodeon, and MTV. Currently, Gretchen is CEO of DailyFX, a leading digital publisher on foreign exchange, commodities, and indices.